Colossal Escape Virtual Reality Peterborough

Here at Colossal Escape in Peterborough we’ve got the latest wireless Virtual Reality technology, allowing you to explore mind-blowing virtual worlds with your friends and family. Choose from an exciting range of experiences from deep ocean exploration to Zombie slaying.

Colossal Escape Virtual Reality Peterborough

The latest Virtual Reality Technology Experiences

Virtual Reality (VR) allows you to experience whole new worlds and sensations. Using the most up to date technology and “Room Scale Virtual Reality”. With our lightweight wireless VR tech rig, you’ll be able to explore and experience a new reality without the constraints of wires.

Each Virtual Reality experience at Colossal Escape Peterborough allows for different numbers of participants to play at the same time, from the crew of a giant star ship to a team of warriors preventing a robot apocalypse. You decide.

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